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Whatsapp Spy Software Free Download

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>>> Best cell phone locator. Monitor Children & Employees Remotely for PC & cell phone<<<


Manage Calls

Supervise all incoming and outgoing calls, and see who, when, and for how long a monitored user has been conversing with others. Block unapproved numbers from calling a user’s mobile device.
Call Logs - Incoming Call Restriction

Monitor GPS Location

Identify the real-time location of a monitored user through GPS Location Tracking that includes recent route history on a detailed map.

View Photos & Videos

Supervise all multimedia files on a user’s device, either taken or received to ensure your children are not sharing inappropriate photos or videos and to prevent employees from leaking important company data with others.

WhatsApp - Viber - Skype

mSpy allows you to monitor popular communication apps, like WhatsApp.

Instantly be able to:

1) Track all WhatsApp chats.
2) Access tracked data information directly from your Control Panel.
3) See the details of free calls made via Viber.
4) View group-messaging session logs.
5) Track Skype calls.
6) Read Skype chats.


Read SMS Messages

Have access to all texting transcripts on a monitored phone including those that have been deleted by the user.

Received/Sent SMS

Supervise Email

Review the content of all email messages sent/received by a monitored user to ensure business security and child safety.


Access Calendar and Contacts

Review calendar appointments and contact details to ensure children and employees are where they should be.


Check every keystroke entered into a monitored mobile device to see login details, search phrases, chat and email messages, and more.

Oversee Internet Usage

Keep tabs on your child’s or employee’s browsing history & bookmarks by monitoring internet activity. Block access to unapproved websites and detect which Wi-Fi connections a device user has joined.
Browsing History/Bookmarks/Website Blocking/Wi-Fi Networks

24/7 Customer Support

Contact mSpy’s superior customer support team at any time to speak with trained specialists on any matter related to mSpy’s software. Contact mSpy via Live Chat, email, or by calling our toll-free number.


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